Hi and welcome to the Motojourney; a fantastic online resource for your next adventure ride, wherever it may be. The Motojourney builds on your motorcycling passion and links your trip to the real world. The beauty of the concept lies in its original and telling insights into motorcycle adventure. How many times have you ridden through a new country or destination and not engaged fully with the landscape?  Motorcycle adventuring encourages self sufficiency; you’re riding alone yet at the same time you are surrounded by the beauty of the world’s diverse peoples and stunning natural landscapes. The Motojourney signposts the way for you to be part of your surroundings, making every trip you do more rewarding and enjoyable.

Plan your next trip with help from the planning links, wherever you are headed.  Additionally there is advice on specific travel destinations.  If you choose to fulfil your storytelling dreams you can post your trip report online, (like this), sharing your adventure photos and stories. So by the end of the journey you will have left something positive behind and showcased your latest adventure. 

The categories above are a great source of inspiration and advice from the worlds of motorcycling and travel adventure. Have a look for some new travel ideas!